Hp vs Dell

Topics: Sales, Retailing, Personal computer Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: October 30, 2008
My last PC purchase, was a laptop that I purchased through gateways direct sales. Some of the advantages of purchasing via online direct sales are; customization of order, cheaper prices, and the convenience of not leaving my home and having the PC shipped directly to my door. When purchasing my computer I viewed the cons of purchasing direct being not able to have a knowledgeable sales person to help you incase you had a question, not being able to compare competing products side-by-side, and not being able to interact with the product. The advantages of purchasing a computer through a retailer would include being able to use the PC, compare them, find one that meets my needs, and ask knowledgeable sales people about the advantages and disadvantages of competing products.

Todd Bradley essentially completed a SWOT analysis of HP and realized that HP was putting resources into market where dell had the competitive advantage. Mr. Bradley also noticed that there was an opportunity for HP in the Retail PC market. Some strategic assets that HP had for competing in the retail channel included previous experience and relationship with retailers and distributors. Mr. Bradley made personal visits to retailers and distributors to help eliminate problems and logistic errors that continue to slow down the movement of products, and create personal relationships. Mr. Bradley increased marketing for HP within retail outlets well focusing all ads on there market niche, in every add HP added to visit your local retailer, focusing on the more personal side of PC sales. Mr. Bradley focused on getting everyone on board with his new process and idea, from the manufacturer all the way to the retailer.

Dell and HP have different strengths and weaknesses. It is not logical to compete where another company already has a huge advantage. It is important to exploit a company’s strengths to seize new or old that others have overlooked to gain a competitive advantage. For HP to maintain...
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