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In addition, the antidepressants not only can adjust for age, sex and ethnicity; but also it can be used for women, who are pregnant thanks to the convenience and fast acting. There are many types of antidepressants such as tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) and monoamine oxidise inhibitors (MAOIs). However, some convince that everything has two sides and it affects human’s health in long term. Despite the fact that some research shows there lots of disadvantages if the mother intake antidepressants during pregnancy because all medications will cross the placenta and reach their babies. According to a report of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (2012), reporting that women who use antidepressants during pregnancy are at increased risk of pregnancy induced hypertension. Furthermore, the antidepressants not only effect to the mother, but also effect to the baby in both mental and physical such as spontaneous abortions and congenital abnormalities. Unfortunately, according to the research of Bennett & Einarson, up to 14% of pregnant women use antidepressants during pregnancy. In addition, the antidepressants has linked it sides affects to children, adolescents and young adults ages. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (2012), an extensive analysis of clinical trials showed that antidepressants may cause or worsen suicidal thinking or behaviour in children and adolescents. As a result, the pregnant women definitely should not take any antidepressants if it is unnecessary and they have to talk with the health care providers about symptoms and struggles; and the young children have to be taken to heart and negotiated by their family with rightly treatments such as medication and private psychotherapy.
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