Being Successful

Topics: High school, College, Carol Dweck Pages: 1 (698 words) Published: October 29, 2014

In recent discussions of the “Mindset” and “Think Differently”, a controversial issue has been raised. On one hand, Carol Dweck argues that working hard, challenging yourself and think positive, will help us succeed. On the other hand, Ken Robinson remind us that not all of us are great in academically, but are gifted in some other ways. My own view is that many people have different ways of approaching of how to become successful, whereas on the other hand, not everyone has the potential of becoming successful. I think that if we have the mindset of being positive, great personality, good aptitude and not taking anything for granted, we will succeed in life. Carol Dweck claims that having a growth mindset of working hard, practice and training, we will manage to increase our attention, our memory, our judgement and to become more smarter than we were before. She insisted that if we have the never ending curiosity, go the extra miles of trying and trying, we will succeed. She also mentioned that we have to believe within ourselves that we are able to do things, especially when we put all our effort, passion and motivation in becoming a successful person. On the other hand, Ken Robinson describes in his essay that don’t take anything for granted and that not all of us are good in academically but are gifted in some other ways. Ken Robinson describes that Mick Fleetwood was and intelligent student but was doing poorly on his test scores. He was unhappy with school. He was suffering and he did not like it one bit. Until he left school and he was driven to his great passion of being a great drummer, it was a success for him. School was just not his thing. He was doing successful of being a musician. He believed within himself that he was not useless. 

I like both moral of the story. In Carol Dwecks writing, we learned that with the growth mindset of staying positive attitude, challenging, and always being curious with things in general, and put all...
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