Summary of Attitude That Attract Success

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Attitudes that Attract Success
Data of Publication:
Originally published in the USA by Regal Books, a division of Gospel Light Publications, Inc. Ventura, CA 93006. All rights reserved.
Published (2005) in the Philippines by
OMF Literature Inc.
776 Boni Avenue
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Reprinted --- 2005, 2006
ISBN 971-511-899-2
About the Author:
Dr. Wayne Cordeiro is senior pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu, one of the nation’s fastest –growing churches. He is also the president of New Hope International, a ministry dedicated to developing emerging leaders to plant twenty-first-century churches. The author of Doing Church as a Team. Wayne has planted churches in the continental United States, Guam, Samoa, Japan, the Philippines and Europe. He travels extensively as a speaker, recording artist and church consultant. Wayne and his wife, Anna, live in Hawaii with their children, Amy, Aaron, and Abigail.


The book “Attitudes that Attracts Success” is a book of inspiration and knowledge about how our attitude can attract success. Wayne Cordeiro emphasized the advantages of those people who have good attitude than those who have a broken attitude. It is like finding two people who attended the same school, had the same teachers, shop at the same store, live in the same city and even attend in the same church. One struggles and the other is successful. Why? It is all because of attitude. Our attitude is important because it is the one which drives our lives.

In this book, Wayne Cordeiro enlisted the things that we need to do to be able to improve our attitude that can attract success. Each chapter contains different inspirational stories that are connected to the main topic.

The first chapter was entitled “Make Your Choice”. The Sermon on the Mount – perhaps Jesus’ most famous sermon – addresses our attitudes. Theologians have called this series of teachings the Beatitudes. His lesson could be summed up this way: “Your attitudes will determine what you will be.” Jesus knew that developing a correct perspective on life was critically important to our lives and to our ministries, and so He spoke first and often on that very topic. In fact, before Jesus taught His disciples about miracles, discipleship or how to deal with the Pharisees, He taught them about attitudes. Every phrase of the Beatitude deals with building right attitudes because they become the lamp of the body, the very way we see and interpret the world around us. An interesting scientific theorem states that if your basic premise is inaccurate, then every subsequent conclusion thereafter will also be inaccurate. What this means is that if you are solving a math problem and you begin by determining 2+2 = 5, then all of your following calculations will be incorrect. Likewise, if my core attitudes and perspectives toward life and people are skewed, and then I too will experience massacre after massacre in the form of devastated relationships, foiled expectations and broken dreams.

Jesus knew that from the core of our beings, we need to develop a right attitude toward life. Let our eyes and attitude be clear and every conclusion that we will have will have a potential for success.

Believing that you can change is the main topic that was tackled on the second chapter of the book. No one has given an unalterable attitude. We are all capable to change but it is up to us. We are the one who is going to decide if how we are going to approach life and develop that kind of attitude. A new attitude doesn’t happen on its own. We must develop it, and the sooner we begin the better.

Some people hide behind the excuse that they just can’t change: “I’ve been this way since I was a kid, and I’m not about to change now.” It’s never too late to change. Change is indispensable to growth. If you stop changing, you stop growing. And if you stop growing,...
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