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  • Antidepressants

    use of antidepressants is useless Throughout the years‚ it seems as if more and more adolescents are being prescribed antidepressants. Instead of trying to go to therapy‚ most adolescents go for the prescription instead because their parents won’t want to pay for the costly sessions with a therapist. Two sources‚ Suicide-related events among child and adolescent patients…‚ by Teizo Kuba‚ and The dark side of antidepressants‚ by Chris Kresser really focus on the issues upon antidepressants. Antidepressant

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  • Antidepressant Essay

    over antidepressants has waged on for over more than half a century. Two heads of the Department of Psychiatry in Washington University discovered that depression was just as much biological as it was physiological meaning that people with depression had an abnormal chemical make-up in the brain. This discovery increased the demand for research on methods to alter this abnormality effectively and efficiently. Thus antidepressants were created‚ sparking a psychiatric revolution. Antidepressants work

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  • Antidepressant Benefits

    Do antidepressants help? The answer to the question posed is "on an individual basis". For me personally‚ the answer is no. I have tried two mainstream antidepressants and haven’t had any lasting results with either. I have been "depressed" for as long as I can remember. The trauma I experienced as a young girl and teen follows me everywhere‚ without escape. I had never been diagnosed with depression until I was eighteen. That was when the new doctor I found noticed the signs for me. Shortly after

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  • Antidepressants Review

    Body weight changes: The use of antidepressants and diet pills. Change in the body weight is a common effect of antidepressants substances use. Some studies based on antidepressant drugs have been done and they demonstrate that these medications can act as potential factors to increase or decrease weight. The tricycle antidepressant types such as amitriptyline are more likely to intensify and promote weight gain. On the other hand‚ substances like fluoxetine‚ paroxetine and sibutramine might lead

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  • Antidepressants Research Paper

    Antidepressants result in the death of over 40‚000 people each year (Mercola).Due to a fundamental misunderstanding of what depression is and how it should be treated‚ people who do not need them are often prescribed antidepressants by doctors. The result is dire. A ban against the use of antidepressants would prevent the deaths and health problems of hundreds of thousands of people (Mercola). However‚ there is a minority of people with chronic depression for whom the use of antidepressants prevents

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  • Antidepressant Case Study

    Hello Dr. Brown‚ Thank you for your reply. I do believe that it is a challenge for physicians to decide which antidepressant would produce optimal outcome for their patients. Some patients may only need one specific drug‚ while others may need a combination of antidepressants to manage the disease. Hence‚ the results from clinical studies/research are of importance to provide medical practitioners information that are relevant to their practice. Now I will try to answer your question‚ “Given the

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  • Antidepressants Pros And Cons

    Antidepressants: Harm or Help When deciding how to go about treating depression there are many options that must be considered. Many people feel that antidepressants are risky and have unknown factors but if used correctly and with the right combination of treatments‚ reaching remission is possible. The idea of antidepressants being a safe haven is false in the sense that medications can not fix everything. People have to work on themselves whether it be seeing a psychiatrist or finding a daily habit

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  • Antidepressants Negative Effects

    Effects of Antidepressants Growing up‚ I have always been aware of prescriptions drugs and their uses. My mom has been taking antidepressants since she was a teenager and I have always thought of them as being a good thing. As I got older‚ I started to see the negative effects they had on her. She became dependent on them and could not function properly without them. Seeing her go through all she went through while on those medications made me question whether the positive effects would outweigh

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  • Tianeptine: Tricyclic Antidepressants (Tcas)

    Tianeptine is a member of the class of drugs known as tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs). It has been found to have anxiolytic and mood altering effects. Despite being a tricyclic drug‚ tianeptine has a significantly different pharmacologic profile than the average TCA and is thought to produce effects through action at several unique receptors. Tianeptine has found use in the treatment of asthma and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and may affect neural plasticity (learning). Potential Benefits of

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  • Pros And Cons Of Antidepressants

    What are antidepressants? Antidepressants are generally all the name says‚ drugs used to treat depression.The antidepressants are drugs that minimizes the symptoms that are related to depression. It’s a perfect balance of chemicals that are often called trigger drugs. The medicine treats the symptoms by using chemical imbalances of the neurotransmitters located in the brain to send correcting signals. To completely understand how antidepressants work you must understand the reason of why they

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