How to Motivate People at Work

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How to Motivate People in Boring Jobs

People working in mundane jobs can easily become bored and less productive the longer they remain in their positions. Motivating these workers requires a commitment to creating opportunities for advancement and an atmosphere that allows workers to feel valued for their contributions -- no matter their roles.

1. Encourage your employees every day. Set daily, attainable goals and acknowledge them with praise, and rewards, when they reach those goals. 2. Make sure that employees are getting breaks. Boring work can make employees tired. Multiple breaks allow them the time they need to stretch their legs and their mind. 3. Address your employees by name. Let them know they are not just cogs in a wheel. Remember, without them you, as a manager, can achieve nothing. Be sure they know this by what you say and how you conduct yourself. Create a culture where the employees feel respected needed, despite their position on the totem pole. 4. Put yourself at work when the early or late shift employees are working, if possible. Provide positive feedback at that time on what they have accomplished. Ask them how they think things are progressing with their project or task 5. Ask workers what they want during their performance appraisals. A performance appraisal is a powerful tool for the employer and the employee. It gives the employer the chance to provide positive feedback, to set goals and to find out more about the aspirations of the worker. Employees can also talk about their ambitions and offer suggestions for improvements. 6. Encourage workers to take advantage of opportunities for promotion. Promote from within, whenever possible, so they know that their hard work is noticed and appreciated.

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Informal conversations can reveal a great deal if the manager is responsive and genuinely interested. *...
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