Be the Manager

Topics: Management, Feeling, Henri Fayol Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Be the manager

question1: What kinds of organizing and controlling problems is Achieva suffering from? 1. Apparently Achieva is operating according to the scientific management which focuses on the work and tends to ignore the employees. The problem in Achieva is that the employees are not feeling appreciated when delivering the work perfectly. This could cause the workers to minimize the amount of effort they’re exerting, due to the lack of motivation by the managers. In addition to that, the managers at Achieva are tending to ignore the workers and their ideas which is causing employees to quit their jobs because they are not being valued as much as they should be, and might feel that they have so much ideas and projects they can offer to other organizations and get acknowledged and recognized for it.

question2: what kinds of management changes need to be made to solve them? 2. The key to maintain an organization like Achieva is to value employees as assets who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business. So, in order to maintain the organization, the managers have to maintain the employees and must take into consideration the humanistic perspective and that they are individuals with varying goals and needs and as such should not be thought of as basic business resources. Employees have to be motivated, appreciated, and complemented on their productive work. And even beyond that, managers have to believe that they can actually learn a few things from their employees and they can benefit from their ideas. So, in order to solve it’s problem, and as a consultant, I would advise the managers to follow by Henri Fayol’s points particularly Equity( everyone should be treated with justice) ; Stability and tenure of staff( long term employment) ; Initiative and Esprit de corps( encouraging the development of shared feelings of friendship).
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