How to Make Scientific Lab Report

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Fundamentals of Lab reports
(Students hard copy-guidance)

Students will receive a lab manual at the beginning of the semster. This manual is expected to cover the safety, instruction and details of the experimental work during the lab sessions. All students should read the experiment before coming to the laboratory. The teaching assistant will discuss the safety precautions, experimental procedures and techniques involved in the lab session. The students should conduct the experimental work under supervision of the instructor and the TAs then a lab report (see later the required format) covering the details and results of the experiment should be submitted to the instructor/TAs no later than the next lab session (two weeks at most). Plagirism is totally prohibited. If the student will not attend the lab session without legal excuse, his grade will be zero in this lab. Aim

After reading your lab report, student should be able to:
1. Understand the scientific concepts of chemistry and/or chemicalengineering in the experiment.
2. Recognise all instrumental techniques needed to conduct the experiment. 3. Statistical treatment of errors
4. Identify any safety precautions that should be maintained properly during that experiment.

Writing the report
Lab reports tend to follow the structure of a scientific journal articles, so the writing up the report will be like this :
Materials and methods
Experimental set up
Results and discussion
Conclusions and Errors
Data Sheets
General description of the usual contents:
Name of experiment:
By: cite your name
In few lines briefly, give a statement identifying the experiment or investigation and perhaps the methods or apparatus. Always give a numerical results of the experiment. Introduction
With a short summery of the relevant theory and important chemical and mathematical equations, put the investigation into perspective...

References: Present a number list of references to texts, monographs, standard computer
programs, journals articles and others.
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