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Definition of environment sustainability

Now days, Environment becomes more and more deterioration,So We need a good way to solve this important question. As we all know, Healthy ecosystems provide vital goods and services to humans and other organisms. A lot of things can be sustainable. “Environmental sustainability is a economic growth focus on long-term development model”(IUCN, 1980) and environment sustainability of course means to use sustainable energy and to products from a sustainable social. But there is still more like sustainable tourism, sustainable business, sustainable management, sustainability hotel and so on. Green Hotel is an important part and content of sustainable development. So, Let us discuss the important part is related to sustainability hotel.

Why hotel should think and act green?
Following the rapid development of global economy. People’s values changed. Because of the global “green wave” driven, environmental awareness gradually into the modern hotel’s production, operation, management, services or consumption. The global ecological environment deteriorating, Protect the environment and protection of human health has attracted worldwide attention. During the green is the theme of the times, environmental protection has been widely accepted in social. Effective protection of the environment and rational use of resources is related to the hotel's future development, affect the sustainable development of society. Therefore, development a green hotel becomes the possible and trends.

Why could hotel do to act green?
Green Hotel is use the sustainable development as theory. Use the environmental management into hotel’s management. Adhere to green management and cleaner production, advocate green consumption, protecting the environment and rational use of resources of the hotel. It is focus on provide environmental protection, the green health room and green food to customers.

Going green is not only saving cost, but also enhancing benefit. For example: hotels can get through saving energy and water to reasonable use of natural resources. Hotels can reduce generation of pollutants. It will reduce the hotel's risk of damaging for the environment. That is a little reasons and motivations why the hotel do to act green.

On the other hand, there are three main characteristics in green hotel, which are safety, health, and environmental protection.

As a new and green management concept, It has become a new challenge of the hotel management and realizes the objective of sustainable development of the fundamental way. Along with the greenhouse effect's increase, hospitality industry has enormous space for energy conservation. In short, green hotels increase quickly which is undisputed.

Advantages of hotels to act green ?
Firstly, the development of a green hotel is an inevitable requirement of social development. it is the important part of sustainable development. In tourism, the hotel is the base of life of tourists. It is related to tourists the health and safety. With the improvement of the tourist’s consumption requirements and the material life, More and more green into the hotel. In the process, Green Hotel is to adapt to the inevitable requirement of consumers and social development.

Secondly, Act green can reduce hotel’s cost. For example: the hotel can try to change the light balls in the hotel to LED light, which can save up to 50% of electricity, It can reduce the financial expenses in the hotel. (Cairns, 2011)

Thirdly, by way of science technology has improved. Operation department are allowed to use computer and internet to communicate with each department in the hotel, suppliers, customers or other hotels around the world through e-mail and this way also can reduce a lot of paper works, That can help the hotels to act green.

Disadvantages of hotels to act green ?
Firstly, Green Hotel have the very high cost of...
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