Kimpton EarthChange Essay

Topics: Environment, Environmentalism, Natural environment Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: February 2, 2014

Kimpton Hotels’ Earth Care Program
Kimpton hotel was one of the first hotels which emphasize nature preserving in their line of business. Thus, to ensure their social responsibility is carried, Kimpton hotels cultivated a program known as “EarthCare Program” in 1981. Not only boosting their reputation toward society, Kimpton Hotels was labeled as an eco friendly hotel worldwide. To realize the program from mere theory to reality, Kimpton uses environmentally friendly products for their hotel such as ceramic cups and plates, towels, carpets and hangings all made of pure organic cottons. In the year 2005, Kimpton promised social responsibility as their corporate strategy, and soon acted on all Kimpton Hotels worldwide. For the first step, Kimpton created a recycling unit to recycle plastics and wastes. Next, non-biodegradable products such as plastics are ceased to be used, also papers usage are greatly reduced and cleaning agents which are harmful to the nature are discarded. Then, the highlight of their promises are carried where Kimpton reduce construction wasting and cost by buying and reconstruct some of the oldest building in America. By doing so, Kimpton not only added value to their business but also by using the eco-friendly substitutes for the entire infrastructure and material has made Kimpton Hotels a pioneer in EarthCare program. 1. What are the benefits of Kimpton’s environmental sustainability initiatives? What are its costs? By implementing their many sustainability programs Kimpton will be able to reduce cost as well as affect their attractiveness. Environmental improvement is one of the benefits of diverting waste. Some of the benefits are exemplified in their rollout phases, including: introducing non-disruptive and cost-reducing operational practices such as a recycling program, non-toxic cleaning products, promotional materials printed on recycled paper, complimentary coffee that was organically grown, implementing a towel/linen reuse...
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