Topics: Hotel, Hospitality industry, Hotel manager Pages: 4 (2335 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Far East Hospitality Holdings Pte Ltd (Far East Hospitality), a premier hospitality assets owner and operator, is a 70-30 joint venture formed in 2013 between Far East Orchard Limited (a listed company under Far East Organization ) and The Straits Trading Company Limited. Far East Hospitalitys two key markets are Singapore and Australia. n Singapore, the holding companys hospitality management arm, Far East Hospitality Management, operates the city-states largest hospitality portfolio comprising 18 hotels and serviced residences. Far East Hospitality owns and operates the largest hospitality portfolio in Singapore. The sustainable development of Far East Hospitality is related tothe whole hospitality industry in Singapore. This report analysis the social, environmental and economic issues of Far East Hospitality will be faced, and the challenges of implementing sustainable development practices in Far East Hospitality. 2.0 Key issues 2.1 human resources issues Far East Hospitality face recruitment challenges due to the countrys tight labour market. This problem is exacerbated with the newly implemented government regulations on foreign labour which includes an additional 700-800 levy per worker. As the industry relies greatly on low-cost foreign labour, the alternative would be to hire Singaporeans. However, Far East Hospitality are met with difficulties in attracting Singaporeans due to negative perceptions of the industry, and undesirability of roles like room attendants, porters etc. This makes the hotel can not hire good employees, resulting in lack of hotel personnel. Because there are not many good people, so that quality of service can not keep up. This directly make that customers do not enjoy good service. Without a good staff also led the development of the hotel could not be better. 2.2 Technology issue Oasia Hotel Singapore is one hotel under the Far East Hospitality. In May 2014, there are two customers give the feedback about their Debit card. The...
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