Hotel Booking System

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Background of the Study
Tourism is one business sector of our country that really helps in providing jobs and incomes to our country as a whole. Tourism consists of service industries including transportation services, such as airlines, cruise ships, and taxicabs; hospitality services, such as accommodations, Including hotels and resorts; and entertainment venues, such as amusement parks, casinos, shopping malls, music venues and theatres.

A hotel which is the focus of our study is an establishment that provides lodging paid on a short-term basis. The size and magnitude of a hotel management structure varies significantly depending on the size and function of the hotel. Just like any businesses, adopting a computerized system will help with the over-all management of businesses from daily transactions to long term plans and decision-making.

System Objectives
The main objective of the Hotel Booking System is to make whole process of hotel booking fast, easy and accurate. These objectives apply not only to the users of the system and business managers but more importantly to the customers or guests. Meeting all these objectives of the system will yield more productivity in the part of the business and more convenience on the part of the customers.

System Scope and Limitation
This system covers the booking system of a hotel that keeps track of its bookings (future, current and archived), rooms and guests. This is the main focus of our study here but hotel just like other businesses has a lot of interacting departments such as accounting, purchasing among others which is beyond already of what we cover here. Starting with the booking system of a hotel is a good start of creating a complete computerized system for a hotel for it is where all the business starts for this kind of business.

Booking transaction particularly for active booking is the main concern of the system. We just cover one part of whole booking system. We are not able to cover everything from that area because of technical and time constraints. Nevertheless, the booking system presented here represent the system use in actual production.


ER Diagram

Relational Diagram

Data Dictionary|
CUSTOMER| Customer_id| Primary Key. Customer identifier| AUTONUMBER| Y| | Customer_firstname| Customer title.| TEXT| Y|
| Customer_lastname| Customer’s first name.| TEXT| Y| | C_address| Customer’s last name.| TEXT| N|
| C_barangay| Date customer billed.| TEXT| N|
| C_townorcity| Street number and name.| TEXT| N|
| C_postalcode| Town or Barangay.| TEXT| N|
ACTIVE BOOKING| Book_id| Primary Key. Auto generate.| AUTONUMBER| Y| | Book_time| Current time stamp| DATE| Y|
| Remark| Remark/s.| TEXT| N|
| Customer_id| Foreign key. Customer identifier.| NUMBER| Y| | Room_id| Foreign Key. Room identifier.| NUMBER| Y|
| Start_date| Booking start date.| DATE| N|
| End_date| Booking end date.| DATE| N|
PAYMENTS| Paymentid| Primary key. Autonumber| AUTONUMBER| Y| | Paymenttype| Cash or card payment type.| TEXT| Y|
| Paymentamount| Payment amount.| CURRENCY| Y|
| Remark| Remark/s.| TEXT| N|
| Book_id| Foreign key.| NUMBER| Y|
ROOM| Room_id| Primary key. Room identifier.| NUMBER| Y| | Room_type| Room type.| TEXT| Y|
ROOM TYPE| Room_type| Primary key. Room type.| NUMBER| Y| | Room_description| Room description.| MEMO| Y|


Modular Presentation of the System
Any user can the start using the system by opening the ‘Endless Night BOOKING SYSTEM BETA’ access file.

After opening it, it will give the start-up form ‘Home Screen’ form.

On the left side are objects that form the database: Tables, Queries, and Forms.

On the Home...
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