Property Management System (Pms)

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Property management system (PMS) is a generic term for applications of computer hardware and software used to manage a hotel. These applications are central to front office operation in today’s modern hotel. Computers are standard equipment that used in hotel, it being integrated into everyday operation to assist in providing hospitality to guests. This application is very important because it include routinely processing reservations as well as handling registrations, guest charges, guest checkout, and the night audit. HOTEL CONCEPTS’S IDPMS is one of PMS software. Hotel concepts was founded in 1994 has proven to a reliable partner, both for individual hotels and hotel chains. Worldwide support is guaranteed with the four main offices on three continents. Hotel Concepts’ has guarantees that it will give better quality for hotel operators of independent, chain and franchise properties. Example of the hotel that used hotel concepts’ IDPMS is Coast Hotels & Resorts. This hotel has enjoying the benefits of a complete technology overhaul after installed the Hotel Concepts’ IDPMS product. It has been prove by Tracy Gaudette, director of reservation services at Coast Hotels & Resorts. He said that “they listened, became involved and took ownership of the results, which made us very comfortable that they knew and cared about making our company better. That confidence made working with Hotel Concepts a great experience.”

This PMS has content many functions that useful for hotels. For example, it has integrated distribution which its connectivity to multiple booking channels and integrated rate and availability management, that makes managing the various distribution channels easy and efficient. This PMS also has powerful rate controls that integrated stay control into the Rate Grid for setting daily rates, allows management to execute a rate strategy with confidence. It is easily accommodated for Negotiated Rates for Companies, Travel Agents, Wholesale Tour Operators and Group business. It also can easily set or changed the standard rate restrictions such as minimum length of stay, a set number of rooms to sell, closed to arrivals and others and Opening and closing rates based on the hotel’s overall occupancy is unique to IDPMS. A powerful option in the IDPMS Product Suite is Multi-Property. This system can help hotel share the same database seamlessly include Guest, Company and Agent profiles. Other hotels also affected if a change made in one of these profiles in one hotel and only user rights control who is allowed to makes changes in profiles. Hotel specific details such as room numbers and rates plans are configured per property. * Integrated channel management

* Powerful rate management
* Rate availability rather than room availability
* (Rate query)
* Room rack optimization
* Validated for PCI compliance
* Single or multi-property
* Low cost of ownership
* Low initial investments
* Low hardware requirements
* Low training costs
This system also has Booking Engine that have availability of some of these functions may depend on the PMS. The table show some of the functions that available in this Booking Engine. Area| Function|

Reservations| a) Create a reservation * For an individual * For a company (at the negotiated rate) * For a travel agent (at the negotiated rate) * For 1 or more rooms * For adults, children and infants * For rates and for packages b) Modify a reservation c) Cancel a reservation| Availability| a) Request rate availability for 1 hotel * For an unknown guest (public rates) * For a company (negotiated rates) * For a travel agent (negotiated rates) * For a group (group rates) * For 1 or more...

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