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A Requirements Specification
for a Hotel Booking System.
1) Vision

1.1 Introduction

1.1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this document is to collect, analyse and provide a high-level view and illustrate needs and features of a hotel booking system. It concentrates on the requirements of the stakeholders and the target users, and why these needs exist. 1.1.2 Scope

The scope of this document is purely based round a hotel booking system. A hotel booking system may use more than one information system, and therefore other projects maybe associated with it. These may include the Internet, local and national hotel databases, and any other system, which interacts with the hotel booking system. I have chosen to study an online hotel booking system, which can be fully paid for and arranged over the Internet. 1.1.3 Definitions and Abbreviations

ASP – Active Server Pages
TCP/IP – Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
GUI – Graphical User Interface
SQL – Structured Query Language
1.1.4 References
1.1.5 Overview
To be exact I have chosen as a hotel booking system. Bookings UK is the company name and their aim is to help customers book a hotel reservation that is currently filed in their database. There are thousands of hotels to search through, in over 80 different countries worldwide. The system will include many information systems and personnel that use the system. This report will be quite business orientated and will include various diagrams and UML drawings, done in Rational Rose. I will use the system to the extent of following the procedure of booking the tickets and then finishing when credit card details are added. I have done the booking of a hotel on the Internet before so for what happens after that I should be able to explain in a detailed manner.

1.2 Positioning

1.2.1 Problem Statement
The problem of this system is the complexity of it and it will easier to understand with a high-level abstraction and I will use UML modelling techniques to help illustrate the use cases and other areas of the system that need evaluating. The stakeholders who maybe affected by the problem are the customers of the hotel, potential customers, employees of the hotels & online booking system and shareholders of the companies involved. The problem has an impact on the success of the industry and the awareness of customers of many different hotels. The website provides a search engine for hotels and this is a very successful solution, as almost everyone has access to the Internet. The benefits of such a system are endless. The system enables hotels to receive bookings from anyone in the world, whereas before such a system was in place, bookings were done through either in person, telephone or an agent.

1.3 Stakeholder and User Descriptions

1.3.1 Stakeholder Summary

Employees of Hotel
The Hotel
Serves hotel and customers of hotel.
Employees of Website
Serves Hotel and users of the website.

1.3.2 User Summary
Uses system to book hotel Room, and find out information.
Relates to Hotel Customer and Website Customer stakeholders. Hotel
Hotel uses website for updating its details, and room availability. Uses system on arrival of customers Relates to employees of hotel.
Website Designers & Engineers
Updates system and maintains the site.
Are employees of website.
Hotels database
Interacts with the website system to book rooms and updates vacancies. Hotel Owners and employees are the active stakeholders, because they are interested in the performance of the hotel.

1.3.3 User Environment
The number of people to complete the booking of a hotel room is one, the customer. This is because the system is designed to be automated and not need the input of any more users. The system is fully automated and only once a booking has been taken does another user have to come into play. This user will be...
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