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Topics: Leadership, Skill, Management Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Our Prefects’ responsibilities and duties are:
#to be a positive role model and set a good example to all younger pupils #to help with the lunch queues and stair duty at lunchtimes or intervals #attend and assist at Parents’ Evenings
#ensure pupils are not in corridors or classrooms at lunchtimes or morning intervals without an activity pass #library duty when required
#assist some S1/2 pupils as part of our ‘Support Buddy’ and our ‘Learning Buddy’ programmes #help with the organisation of school events e.g. yearbook committee, ceildih, school prom and charity events . #has to maintain discipline in whatever class he/she is assigned to. #link between the teachers and the students.

Responsibility a good leader
*Listening. A good leader doesn’t think he or she knows everything, or always knows better than other people. *Inclusiveness. A good leader not only listens, but listens to lots of different people—and takes their advice and their views into account when making decisions. *Delegation. A good leader recognizes the importance of giving up control in certain areas because other people know more about that area and/or bear primary responsibility for it. Inclusiveness and delegation, together, are the essence of shared governance. *Sincerity. A good leader doesn’t just pretend to listen or pretend to delegate. He or she doesn’t merely pay lip service to the concept of shared governance or attempt to manipulate the process for personal gain. *Decisiveness. Once all sides have had their say, and the decision-making ball is in the leader’s court, he or she will make that decision and accept responsibility for it. *Accountability. A good leader is not constantly pointing fingers or blaming others for problems—even if they actually did create them. *Optimism. Whatever challenges a unit or institution might face, a good leader is always positive (at least publicly), consistently projecting an attitude of realistic optimism about the future. A good leader can...
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