Homework Module 5Module 5 HomeworkSteven McCordAllied

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Homework Module 5

Module 5 Homework
Steven McCord
Allied American University

Author Note This paper was prepared for COM120, Module 5 Homework taught by Katherine Tracy


Write a response to the following prompt using proper APA Style.

Prompt: You will answer questions related to creating outlines for speech presentations.

Identifying data that should be included in the beginning of a working outline should be an introduction. This should include an attention getter , credibility material, relevance to the audience and a preview of the speech. In a Formal outline transition statements should be used because formal outlines are supposed to involve compete sentences and processed thoughts. In order to do that and speak chronologically. Complete declarative sentences are important to a formal outline because a formal outline shows exactly what you will say about your topics AND each mini topic as well. It also shows how your speech will relate. The main purpose for creating a delivery outline is to help you be prepared or ready for the delivery of your speech. It allows you to modify the manner of speaking in between the speech according to the feedback of the audience.

Step 1: Review the information presented in Module 5, which covers the concepts and issues that are related to outlining a speech.

Step 2: You will use the table below to complete the following steps.

Type of Outline
Description and Characteristics
Working Outline

Specific purpose and thesis
Main ideas and supporting material and transitions
Preperation and rough draft
Formal Outline

Entire speech, complete sentences worded as should be spoken title page and bibliography
To develop your ideas
Delivery Outline

Speaking outline, format is condenced to encourage eye contact
For practicing the delivery of your speech.

Prompt: The Internet is home to worldwide content, which can be informational and sometimes

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