Module 2 HomeoworkModule 2 HomeworkSteven McCordAllied

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Module 2 Homeowork

Module 2 Homework
Steven McCord
Allied American University

Author Note This paper was prepared for COM 120, Module 2 Homework taught by Katherine Tracey.


Write a response to the following prompt using proper APA Style.

Prompt: In this activity, you will watch a video clip of a speech. You will apply effective methods of critiquing a speech to prepare written feedback that you would provide to the person who delivered the speech. You will also evaluate your feedback in terms of how the person receiving it could best respond to it to improve his or her next speech.

Speech Title Van Gogh’s Incredible Life
Questions to Ask Yourself
Speaker Commitment to the Subject
How important is the subject to the speaker?
The speaker seems to be very committed to the information she has learned about van goh. She seems that she has done her research and is passionate about his life and art.
Appropriateness for Audience and Occasion
Is the topic and delivery relevant and useful to the audience?
It seems the audience was into the speech. I still could not tell who she was speaking to. Was it an art class? Random group of people who want to know more about van goh?
Clear Purpose
Can you identify the goal(s) the speaker has for delivering the speech?
The speaker wanted to get across the tragedy and triumphs of Van Goh’s life. All of which lead him to killing himself.
Fresh Point of View
Does the speech challenge the audience to think about something in a new way?
I think this speech did. The Speaker obviously found information that was plenty interesting and not something you would just know based on school taught information.
Does the speaker tell the truth and have the best interest of the audience at heart?
She seems to have sited all information she found. I would take it as all true and she also looks to have lured the audience in with her facts and excitement about the topic.

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