Module 8 HomeworkModule 8 HomeworkSteven McCordAllied

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Module 8 Homework

Module 8 Homework
Steven McCord
Allied American University

Author Note This paper was prepared for COM 120 , Module 8 Homework taught by Katherine Tracy.


Write a response to the following prompt using proper APA Style.

Prompt: You will select a topic for your ceremonial speech. Limit the scope of your topic based on the idea that you can present the actual speech in four to seven minutes.

Step 1: Review the information presented in Module 8 that explores ceremonial speeches. In particular, focus on the situations in which you might need to present a ceremonial speech and principles to use to present a ceremonial speech effectively.

Step 2: Select an occasion or situation for your ceremonial speech.

Step 3: In a word processing document for this assignment, determine and enter the following information about your topic:

Description of the setting (occasion or situation) for your ceremonial speech
Description of the audience for your speech (you get to define your audience)
Specific purpose
Question based on thesis
Three to five main points This is a best man speech I am in the process of writing for one of my best friends weddings.

Ladies and gentlemen, if there's anybody here this afternoon who's feeling nervous, apprehensive and queasy at the thought of what lies ahead for Nicole …… it's probably because you have just married Brennan Lockwood

To those of you who don’t know me yet. My name is Steve and I would like to thank Brennan for finally confirming that I am actually the BEST man!

I’ve actually looked forward to this moment for a long time. It will be the first time I’ve been able to speak for five minutes in Brenan’s presence without being interrupted!

Now it’s not that I’m saying that he is loud but he does seem to break a fundamental law of physics that light travels faster than sound…. because with Brennen, you very definitely hear him before you see him.

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