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Communication Opinion Paper
Melinda Palfy
UOPX HCS/320 September, 23, 2013
Kristin Thrun

Communication Opinion Paper
Effective communication plays an important role in the success of every relationship, professional, and especially in health care profession. Effective communication should always be accurate, timely, unambiguous, and understood by the recipient. Effective communication is to communicate effectively, helps people to understand a situation or a person because effective communication is to understand the basic elements of effective communication enables a person to communicate positive and negative information without creating a conflict within a working relationship. The process of understanding the basic elements of communication is to provide for a successful professional as well as personal relationship. The skill of listening is the first skill for effective communication. Successful listening is not only understanding the words or the information communication between people but also understanding how the person needs to communicate information feels about what the person is saying. The nonverbal communication is the second basic elements for effective communication, and it is important the appropriate framing of the message, and the appropriate response from the receiver, and the use of a suitable communication channel. Communication can be through body language, body movement, and gesture, facial expression, tone of voice, and eye contact. The other important element of effective communication, is the managing stress because stress can become overwhelming, which can hinder the ability to think clearly as well as to act appropriately. The health care profession is a stressful field, and it is important to manage stress to communicate effectively. The medical care relies on effective communication between the...
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