health and social care in the work setting

Topics: Sector Skills Councils, Obligation, Standard of care Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: February 11, 2014
Introduction to Duty of Care in Health, Social Car or Children and Young Peoples Settings UNIT 5

1.1 Being a support worker means I have a responsibility of duty of care, which I am to adhere to at all times. This responsibility is a legal obligation as part of my job role. If these standards of care are not met I can put the service user/s in jeopardy of harm. The duty of care should be my self acting in the best interest of the individual at all times which should not be detrimental to the service user whether that may be the service user’s medication, personal care, finances, health appointments or the wellbeing and safety of the service user and not outside my own roles and responsibilities.

1.2 Whilst am I at work there are guidelines and procedures I must follow, to ensure I am keeping to the duty of care of the individual I am supporting. I am aware and accountable for the duties I have on a daily basis for the service user I am supporting. If I feel there is something I can not do whether that be because I am not trained or do not have the knowledge, I must be honest and ask for help and guidance, or ask someone else to do it who is working along side me. From this action I am keeping to the best interest of the individual at all times as I am ensuring their safety. A time my arise which I am expected or asked to use a hoist or moving and handling may be needed, if I am not trained to do so I must decline. If I was to try and do something I am not trained to do/or are unsure of and then something was to happen I would be to blame. I can always request further or new training in regards to anything I may feel I need to learn. While adhering to my duty of care I must remember that the individual’s dignity and confidentiality is kept at the same time as working to their best interest. If there was ever a time where I may suspect that an individual may be at risk of safeguarding issues I must follow procedures to write and report any evidence I have....
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