Principles for Implementing Duty of Care in Health

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Principles for implementing Duty of Care in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s settings.
Assignment 055

Task 1) Duty of care means Young Children, Children and some Young People that may not have the skills in caring for themselves or have learning disabilities or that are disabled will not have the developmental skills in caring for themselves or they are not physically able to care for themselves, so it is paramount that they are protected by adults that care for them or are around them, by caring and protecting children and young people we must do so in accordance with the Children’s act and policies and procedures in mind , we must also remember that children and young people may have a voice and an opinion of their own and that we do not over protect them as this may hinder the child or young person’s development. We must provide a setting that includes all Children and Young People, We must also let the child or young person explore freely unless we feel it is too dangerous and have to balance the pros and cons of the activity, this is why risk assessments and by providing protective clothing and equipment such as mats and by checking the equipment regularly to ensure that the children and young people are safe and protected and by making sure adult supervision at all times is paramount. This will allow both children and young people to be able to explore and emotionally grow safely and by being protected.

Task 2) Duty of care contributes to the safeguarding , well-being and protection of Children or Young People in our care and by doing risk assessments in the setting frequently in our setting and by promptly acting on any risks and removing hazards that may cause harm, danger or even death to Children and Young People this risks maybe through the spreading of infections or an avoidable accident, By teaching Children and Young People what is positive and negative behaviour through setting by setting clear rules and boundaries and

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