UNIT 24 Introduction to duty of care

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Introduction to duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings

1.1 The term ‘Duty of care’ means anyone working within the Health & social care sector must act in the best interest of the people that they are supporting. They also have to do everything in their power to ensure these people are safe from harm. My company also has a duty of care to ensure that their staff works within a safe environment. 1.2 I must ensure that I am familiar with the code of practice for the sector I work within as well as my own company’s policies and procedures. I have a responsibility to ensure the people I am supporting are safe from harm. I must ensure that I am trained within the job that I am doing and that I am confident to carry out my duties. And to treat everyone with dignity and the respect that they deserve. 2.1As a support worker I will build relationships with the people I support and their family and friends. They may tell me personal things about themselves and I will have to decide whether or not my manager needs to know. I have a responsibility for my own practice as well as the people I am supporting and at times I may have to breach confidentiality. But before I do this I would have to check my companies own policy and procedures.

2.2If I had any concerns I would have to raise the matter with my manager within my workplace, if they were unavailable I would have to seek advice from another senior manager.

3.1I mustn’t ignore the complaint or make any comments or any judgments. I must behave in a professional manner at all times and I must take the complaint seriously. If I was to receive a complaint from a person I supported or a member of their family, I would follow my Company’s Policies and Procedures that will instruct me on what actions I should take. I would ensure that all complaints were discussed in a confidential setting, and I would ensure the individual that their complaint would be handled/acted upon...
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