205 Introduction to Duty of Care

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Introduction to duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings. Assignment 205
Task A:
Ai & Aii:
Please refer to page titled ‘Letter to a friend’.
Task B:
Bi.The difficulties in this dilemma are upholding Mrs Ahmed’s right to choose and exercising my duty of care, in this case they will conflict as my duty of care would be to ensure she wasn’t putting herself in any harm which she would be doing if she were able to eat the food she wants which isn’t recommended for someone with her medical condition. Bii.I would be able to gain advice, information and support to deal with this dilemma by consulting with Mrs. Ahmed’s care plan and speaking with my manager or possibly speaking with members of Mrs. Ahmed’s family for advice. Biii.The difficulties in this situation would be to ensure Leon wasn’t being exploited by anyone, it is important for Leon to maintain and develop relationships with people to maintain a healthy personal life but as his support worker it is important for me to ensure he isn’t being taken advantage of. Biv.I would seek advice from my manager, consult Leon’s care plan and perhaps speaking with Leon’s new friend and explaining the situation would help. If this turns out Leon is being obviously exploited it may be necessary to speak with the police. Task C

CiThe legal requirements for dealing with complaints is if a local resolution to the complaint cannot be found then an external body such as the CQC or advocacy must investigate the complaint. The Organisational requirements are the local policies and procedures of the trust/company/care home for dealing with complaints. Usually one member of staff is selected to investigate and resolve the complaint.
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