Case Study of Mrs X

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Mrs X is 85 yrs of age, born in Vienna, a middle child. She came too England in 1955 when she married an Englishman. Mrs X did not have any children, although she is known as ‘Auntie’ too many of her extended family. Mrs X’s childhood in Vienna was a very happy one. Every Sunday the local tailor would visit her home and stay for morning coffee, playing games with Mrs X and her brothers. There was always something wonderfully hand-made, tailored for one of the children, on each one of his visits. Mrs X told me that when they heard his footsteps it was as if Father Christmas was making a surprise visit. Mrs X worked as a Doctor’s Assistant in St Albans, where she lived with her husband. Working until having her children Mrs X was very well respected by the local community. Also, in her free time she volunteered within the care sector, taking adults with special needs out on day trips. On many occasions visiting the local stores and getting them too make donations of clothes and shoes because many of the adults did not have much in the way of clothing. Her persuasion knows no bounds. This part of her personality still shines through.

Mrs X has Alzheimers, Diabetes (type 2), High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure. Mrs X is taking many forms of medication with regards to all the above illnesses. There is also an underlying feeling of loneliness, isolation and on many occasions Mrs X has resorted too verbal and physical abuse too gain the attention of her care workers.

4 visits daily by care workers attending too all Mrs X’s personal and emotional care needs. Continuity of care in this instance is paramount and Mrs X has a team around her of 3 care workers. She is particularly fond of one of her care workers and has become very close to her and it is very rare that Mrs X exhibits any form of anger or frustration. All of Mrs X’s personal care needs are fulfilled daily, the main concern is...
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