Hcs 320 Communications Coordinator

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Communications Coordinator
University of Phoenix
Health Care Communications Methods
HCS 320
March 31, 2013

Communications Coordinator
As the Communications Coordinator for the Cobbs National Drug Manufacturer (CNDM) there is rising concern around recent events from the media exposure on the adverse effects one of our nationally advertised medications has had on the Chief-of-Police. According to Athena du Pre, PhD, “Lack of communication can lead to duplicated efforts, costly (and sometimes life-threatening) delays, frustration, and wasted time” (Du Pre, 2005, p. 289) and our goal is to maintain open communication. Today’s meeting will help identify several ways to deliver our message. Today’s meeting will help to brainstorm communication methods regarding the negative publicity surrounding the event with the Chief-of-Police. Today’s meeting will help decide how to address the issue with the public while minimizing any additional loss to the company and how to communicate the ideas without violating HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, guidelines.

Advantages and disadvantages of communication methods
First, we will discuss advantages and disadvantages of using traditional media to distribute our message. Traditional media covers how the majority of the public access health care information. Magazines, newspapers, radio, and television are the outlets for traditional media. The message we need to communicate to the public would reach a large audience through these four avenues. This is an advantage regarding the recent events. Use of the four outlets will distribute our message effectively, quickly, and precisely while reaching the biggest audience. A disadvantage of using these four outlets for health care communication is that spoken words, video clips, and written text often is twisted around to be used against the company by opposing media outlets. Even though the company is distributing a statement from our...

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