Communication Coordinator

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Communications Coordinator: Essie Pharmaceuticals


February 4, 2013

Communication Coordinator
It is common practice in a hospital setting as well as in an outpatient basis for physicians to prescribe an antiemetic medication to patients experiencing nausea. The favorite drug of choice is Boise, an anti-nausea medication produced by Essie Pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, it was recently discovered that Boise has been associated with potential life threatening cardiac dysrhythmias in patients with compromised cardiac function. This side effect was recently brought to light by postoperative patients who had received this medication after a surgery, but also by a significant public figure that experienced negative side effects from this medication, and publically announced his concern. Over the past several weeks Essie Pharmaceuticals has been scrutinized by the media for the negative effects Boise poses on vulnerable patients that receive this medication. Essie Pharmaceutical’s communication coordinator has been assigned the task of addressing the unlabeled side effects of this medication to healthcare professionals, the media, as well as the general public. Our immediate goal is to investigate and educate the public about the risks and unlabeled adverse effects associated with the antiemetic drug Boise. Essie Pharmaceutical prides themselves on having patient safety their number one priority, and is committed to resolve the issue.

The U.S. Drug and Food Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), is a unit responsible for validating that all drugs marketed in the United States are safe and effective (FDA, 2010). According to the Food and Drug Administration, “CDER does not test drugs, although the Center's Office of Testing and Research does conduct limited research in the areas of drug quality, safety, and effectiveness” (FDA, 2010). To market a medication to the public and health care establishments, Essie Pharmaceuticals...
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