Health Care Communications Methods

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Health Care Communications Methods

Monique Taylor


June 27, 2013
Lisa D. Sanders

Health Care Communications Methods

Communication Methods

You are the communications coordinator for a national drug manufacturer. Recently, there have been reports of significant negative effects caused by one of your medications that are used by a significant population. News reports have alleged that one of the individuals affected is a well-known public figure. You are tasked with addressing the news reports and the general public regarding this situation. As one of the head members of communications at DrugsRus for the past 15 years, it has been shown firsthand the belongings of narcotic medications on our local population. These have been analyzed and investigated on a national level. It is only recently that the overwhelming craving to the drugs has become widespread within our area; spreading like weeds throughout the country. The increase of drug dependent patients and drug related episodes has resulted in a raised amount of attention and concern from the public. Taking all of this into consideration, overdosing occurrences from incompatible interactions with other medications; narcotic, controlled, or non-narcotic properties alike, have resulted in an exceptional need for change within our business concerning patient rules, regulations, guidelines and restrictions. Changes to otherwise generally agree upon medications as well as required authorization approvals upon external medication intake must be reconsidered. Some have been asked by our board members to develop a communication strategy to address these needs as well as the impact HIPPA and other regulations will have on this type of communication. The following will include the communication strategy decided upon to take as well as the encountered use of regulatory systems such as HIPPA, followed by the advantages and disadvantages of using traditional, electronic and social media for our healthcare communication. Furthermore, the reasons of each of the components of the communication strategies chosen.

Communication Channels

Although telecommunications is moving forward quickly at a distressing rate, historically established methods of communication in healthcare are still very successful. These traditional communication channels include face-to-face discussions, telephone calls, post mail, fax, memorandums, board meetings, and reports to name a few. Technology has raised the use of electronic communication methods which has in turn has paved the way for new kinds of social media communication methods. Electronic channels of communication include emails, text messaging, EMRs, two-way radios, instant messaging, overhead audio announcements and video conferencing among many other portable devices. Social media channels include newspapers, television broadcasting, online networking, advertisements, webcasts, and social media websites. Unlike using postal mail, utilizing social media and electronic forms of communication would allow the user to emit and obtain information simultaneously as well as gain feedback and reply virtually within minutes. There is always a need for previously documented communication, so advantages of traditional channels include the ability to record and obtain the message that was communicated at a later date for conformation and review. However, the disadvantage is that formal means are usually delayed, meaning the message may not be received until a later date depending upon the medium used, such as with postal mail. The advantages of electronic channels are that messages can be communicated online with ease as well as with the ability to save, download and store the information on a storage media for printing and accessing at a later time. This has virtually eliminated the delay of other traditional means by allowing for the same documentation but at an instant; as well as allows multiple, simultaneous...

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