Hard work is the key to success

Topics: Energy, Work, Potential energy Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Skill : Comparison Question – how to make your
comparison obvious
- past vs present comparison
- compare with other factors
Hard work is the key to success. Does this view still hold true in the globalised world ? Interpretations :

Hard work : effort (time, energy, resources, determination)

Success : achievement (many areas, such as studies, work, business, sports, the arts, progress for the nation, peace in the region/world, happiness & togetherness in the family etc.)

Key : single most important factor

*** Globalised world : technology and innovation-driven, media saturated, interconnected environment, with an integrated economy and even some broadly common values and goals, likely freedom and democracy. The ease with which people move and goods are transported means that competition can be intense.

Stand : In today’s globalised world, hard work is still important, but not the key to success because success is a result of combination of factors.

1. Hard work is crucial for success because even today, many achievements are only attained after putting in a lot of time and effort
a. God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest. ~J.G. Holland, 19th Century American novelist. This is an old quote that reflects our forefathers’ attitude towards hard work : it is necessary and a natural part of life for all living things.

b. In a globalised world, effort is needed in the economy e.g. to improve products, increase productivity in order to export more and meet growing global demand for consumer goods – factories and shops open longer, have online shopping facilities – leads to a 24/7 work culture

c. Competition is stiff among job applicants because of easy movement of talent. Employers are more inclined to award contracts rather than open up permanent jobs so that they can judge the employees willingness to work hard 2. Hard work is vital for success because hard work will...
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