Hard Work — Key to Success

Topics: Final examination, Examinations, School terminology Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: August 6, 2013
“Hey Hammad! Preparing for the finals?” Mohsin enquired. “Yeah, you didn’t call me, is there any kind of work you’ve come for?” Hammad replied to Mohsin, who had arrived at his house unexpectedly.

“Yeah, I was getting bored. Mom and Dad are out shopping so I came here, should I go? Are you busy right now?” Mohsin asked Hammad.

“No, not at all. But let’s check the syllabus for the final examinations.Exams start next week. So we should better be studying hard,”

Hammad said to Mohsin. At this Mohsin made a face and shook his head, but at Hammad’s insistence, he agreed.

Hammad and Mohsin were, best friends. Hammad was an intelligent and quick-witted boy. He was always concerned about his studies. His only aspiration was to please and satisfy his parents who were always ambitious and concerned about their son’s career. Hammad proved to be a bright and brilliant student and excelled in his studies. On the other hand, Mohsin was an average student. As he was pampered by his parents very much, he became spoilt. He indulged in the luxuries and pleasures that money brought with it, and did not take studies seriously. He studied less and wasted most of his time.

Both Hammad and Mohsin were in the same class. As their final examinations were nearing, Hammad spent much of his time studying and preparing for the exams. As usual, his target was to come first in class, and please his parents as well as the teachers. However, Mohsin was not serious. He spent most of his time shopping, playing, or going to Hammad’s house. But as Hammad was a sensible boy, he advised Mohsin to study and he did not play with him whenever Mohsin came over.

It was Friday morning, when Mohsin called Hammad. Hammad took the call and started enquiring about Mohsin’s preparation for the final exams. Bored and tired by Hammad’s talks and advices for the preparation of exams, Mohsin finally revealed his main objective in calling him up. Mohsin asked Hammad if he would go with him to offer...
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