Depression and Topic Sentences

Topics: Depression, Need, Want Pages: 3 (654 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Activity 1 selecting a good topic sentence

#1. B
#2. B
#3. B
#4. A
#5. A

Activity 2 studying topic sentences in a paragraph
#3. B
#4. There are many steps to changing a tire on your car
#5. Three steps

Activity 3 recognizing effective topic sentences
#1. Digital cameras – A
#2. Dolphins – C
#3. Ninos pizzeria – B
#4. Snowboarding –C
#5. Seashells – C
Page 4
Activity 4 reviewing topic sentences and controlling ideas
#1. Most North americans drink coffee in order to wake up in the morning

#2. Yesterday, I had a terrible day at work
#3. We rode three different roller coasters
#4. The sport of track and field has increased in popularity in recent years.
#5. My iguana scratched the veterinarian when she tried to pick it up

Activity 5 using controlling ideas to limit or narrow a topic
#1.Lying is bad and you should never lie to anyone.
#2. It is important to work hard, to succeed to get where you want to get in life.
#3.The lovvre is a great place to visit; it is located in Paris, France.
Page 9
Activity 6 writing topic sentences

#1. Many people enjoying working out. Working out helps people burn a lot of calories

Pages 12 - 13
Activity 9 creating questions leading to supporting details

#2. Why are the beaches along the Mediterranean some of the best beaches in the world ?
#3. How does country music and rock music have some similar characteristics?

Pages 68 - 69
Activity 9

#1. Is about depression
#2. In reality, depression is a serious illness that can be caused by many factors.
#3.regardless of its cause, depression is an illness that needs to be taken seriously.
#4. Restatement
#5. To inform people about clinical depression and how serious it is.
#6.that depression needs to be taken serious
#7. A – Causes of an action or event -

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