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Butterflies by Roger Dean Kiser
This autobiography is called butterflies and was written by an author called Roger Dean Kiser. Roger Dean was raised up in an orphanage with kids just like him, at that age he was between 6 and 7 years old not old but very young, every morning they would get up early and march to breakfast. This orphanage was full of beautiful creatures, butterflies, everywhere watching the anonymous house parents pinning them onto the heavy cardboard sheet, how cruel it was to kill something of such beauty, something so small can mean something special to him. In this critical essay I will be explaining how Rogers Dean uses significant language in this event, by collecting quotes throughout the biography, and proving the point, and answer the essay question which is, how Roger Dean felt being kept in an Orphanage. Ever since when he was a little boy of 6 years old, growing up in an orphanage with kids just like him must have been trouble, One Saturday morning returning from the dormitory and witnessing the house parents pinning butterflies to a cardboard, after the phone rang which had to be answered he quickly went to check the board sheet where all the beautiful butterflies pined causing one innocent butterfly to fall over and leaving the other wing unattached, without touching anything. A few minutes later the house parent arrived back to think he did something but he didn’t, but wouldn’t get believed. Roger Dean felt guilty picking up the torn wing spitting on its wing and trying to get it sick back together so it could fly away and escape this nasty place just wasn’t working, I guess. Being yelled at for absolutely nothing wasn’t the best. Getting smacked with the cardboard paper across his head, pieces everywhere, throwing the cardboard on the ground telling him to pick it up and put it in the garbage. At this point roger dean was getting in trouble for things he didn’t do though he was telling the truth but yet again the house...
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