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By chloecrawford Nov 14, 2013 469 Words
chloe crawford
Mrs. Zeigler/ Elller
English 9
17 October 2013
The Hero’s Journey

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without books? For years the hero’s Journey has captured readers and applies to many different tales in the journey. The hero leaves his ordinary world to go and fulfill his journey. Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury is an excellent example of a hero’s journey.

The first stage of the hero’s Journey is the Departure. It begins with the Ordinary world. In the Ordinary world, montags life is all about burning books. Montag is a fireman has to follow by all the rules of being a fireman. Mildred his wife is supporting burning books because she feels that they shouldn’t have to learn from books that it’s a waste of time. The call to adventure is when Montag meets and has a conversation with Clarisse, she makes him question what he thinks is right. He’s talking to Clarisse about life and he wonders why her grandparents and uncle sits and “talks”.

The refusal to the call is when Mildred finds out that Montag has books and she is wondering why? Montag is think about burning the books, but on the other hand, he thinks that he should go and talk about them to people. He just does not won’t to get caught. Montag meets his mentor to see if it’s right to burn the books or read them. Crossing the threshold is when Montag shows Mildred the books and he wants them to read them together. Mildred is not feeling like that it is not a good idea to do what Montag thinks is right. He feels that it is important to read because it is something that he has always wanted to do and never has broke the rules of being a fireman. The initiation is when Montag is caught by Beaty. He sees who stands by him and who does not, knowing that whoever stands by him is one that he can trust. The approach is when Montag gives the book back to Beaty and wears and earpiece into work so that Faber can hear what’s happing. Beaty has sent for Montag’s house to be torched, Montag torched Beaty to death and ran and hides from the police.

The return is when Montag has to slip into the river to avoid being caught by the hound, Montag and the other men on the run start to plan to bring books back. In the book Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury is such a good book and great example for kids because it tells how someone sets out for a journey that he didn’t come back from and is still running. It’s a excellent example of a hero’s Journey.

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