Haleeb Foods Limited

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19th September 2011

Internship Report
Employer’s name: Haleeb Foods Limited
Submitted by: Hira Tanweer

Company History and Profile
Haleeb Foods Ltd. was incorporated on July 1st, 1984 with a capital of Rs. 46 Million under the name of Chaudhry Dairies Limited which was renamed as CDL Foods Limited and now it is known to be as Haleeb Foods Limited. At that time it had the capacity of producing 80,000 / liters of milk per day having total area of 32 acres. Initially 150 people were employed at the plant. The production process started with UHT liquid milk. The liquid milk was the first product launched in the market, it started its operation in 1985 at that time 20 other dairy plants were also coming in, and all those including MILKPAK were using obsolete technology that was used in EUROPE. Haleeb Plant was the only plant based on the latest technology and the basic idea behind that were particularly dairy foods products. It is principally engaged in processing and sale of toned milk, milk powder, allied dairy products and fruit juices and it is a well known brand. It is a private limited company. It started commercial production in July 1987. Due to consistently superior performance, it had achieved undisputed leadership in the liquid packaged milk category with a market share of over 52%. Haleeb Foods Limited (Formerly CDL Foods Limited) was at one time, amongst the few Pakistan based companies with a burning passion to take on the international market. In the clutter of multinational the company it had a distinguished place. The name of Haleeb foods limited used to be synonymous with best quality foods products. From November 1989 till December 1991 Haleeb had a joint venture with fries land Frico Domo of Netherlands. This joint was amicably dissolved on account of FFD's change in management in their global strategy. Franchise agreement with Canada, a market leader in the liquid milk market in France, was assigned in December 1998. Under this arrangement, the company launched Candia range of value added liquid milk product and also have access to latest production, technical and marketing knowhow. Initially company launched different products but some of them could not become successful. As the company's core concern is quality eventually company abandoned products that were not according to the market needs. In 2002 the company contributed 54% to the country's packed milk market. The important happenings in chronological order are listed as follow: 1984Founded as Chaudhry Dairies Limited

1987Started sale of packaged milk under “Haleeb” brand
1989Established equity partnership with CC Friesland, Netherlands 1991Discontinued the partnership with Friesland Frico Domo
1998Entered in franchise agreement with Cedilac, France
2004 Changed corporate name to “Haleeb Foods”
2005 New production facility provided at RYK
Product Portfolio
HFL has a very strong brand portfolio consisting of dairy as well as non-dairy products. Haleeb Foods has segmented its product portfolio in 3 leading brands including Haleeb, Candia and Tropico. Haleeb is the flagship brand of the company. Haleeb UHT Milk is available in 5 forms of Tetrapak packaging. Due to its strong positioning of the thickest milk for best tea, it used to have top of mind awareness and penetration in the dairy industry of Pakistan. In order to increase consumer and trade penetration of the brand, it is also available in Tetra Fino Packaging under the brand extension of Haleeb Dairy Queen. Haleeb has also progressively diversified from UHT Milk to other product categories as well. These product line extensions include Haleeb Butter, Haleeb Yogurt, Haleeb Cream, Haleeb Labban (Drinking Yogurt), Haleeb Asli Desi ghee (Butter Oil), Haleeb Funday Juice Drink, Haleeb Skimz (skimmed milk), Haleeb N'Rish Full Cream Milk Powder & Haleeb Good day Pure Juices. Haleeb Good day is the only range of 100% pure juices in the country with a variety of 6...
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