Rockstar Swot

Topics: Guarana, Caffeine, PepsiCo Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: September 23, 2011


• Appealing to younger audience
• Image built upon “I want to be a rockstar and party like a rockstar, so I will drink like a rockstar!” draws in the party scene • Comes in 14 flavors (variety)
• Sponsor 34 sports
• Managed under Pepsi Co. which gives them a well established team to work with to expand and obtain successful products • Came in third place for leading Energy Drink in market share at 11.3% • Keeps consumer motivated and energized

• Accumulated 2.5-5 million dollars in revenue since its beginning in 2005 • Internationally sold
• Sugar free
• Carbohydrate free
• Option of shot or bottle
• Promote themselves with Rockstar apparel and accessories • Strong word to mouth marketing
• Bold and attractive product image (structure)

• Popular mixed drink because it reduces fatigue and enhances the “feel good” buzz • A study compared the effects of alcohol alone to an alcohol plus energy drink combination. Researchers found that the alcohol plus energy drink significantly reduced subjective alcohol-related symptoms such as headache, weakness, dry mouth, and impairment of motor coordination, even though breath alcohol concentration and objective tests of motor coordination and reaction time didn't reflect this. • The amount of caffeine a energy drink has, promotes dehydration • Compete against redbull, monster, and SoBe as their biggest competition • Increased caffeine levels can result in stomach problems, panic attacks, anxiety, and cardiac arrhythmias • Limit their promotion to sports that revolve around extreme • Energy drink are supposed to enhance the ‘good feeling’ but don’t promote within sports such as soccer, hockey, football, or basketball which are all large corporations • 160 mg of caffeine per can

Target Market

• Young males & females
• Between the ages of 20-30
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