Haldiram's Operations: Business and Marketing

Topics: Pricing, Marketing, Price Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Haldiram’s began as a tiny shop in Bikaner.
In1982,it has set up a shop in Delhi
Presently, $4million brand and is a familiar sight not only in India, but also on shelves across USA, UK, and the Middle-East. Positioning
* Healthy and tasty ready to eat packaged food
* Different varieties for South, North , east and west
* Varying packet size ranging from 100g to 1Kg

Marketing Mix
Haldiram offers a various products as per customers requirement such as sweets, dairyproducts, snack sets. PRICE:
Competitive price to penetrate the unorganized markets. Prices varies according to weights & type of Namkeens & rawmaterials. PLACE:
Where customers can purchase the product is also an important factor in determining sales. It is available at Railway outlets & Retail Shops . It is also available in rural & urbanareas PROMOTION:

High awareness among the customers . High brand loyalty for Haldiram products. POSITIONING:
Haldiram offers ready to eat high quality readily available Indian snacks with excellent Packaging

Target Group
* Women - Namkeens
* Takatak & whoopies – Kids
* Sugar free sweets – diabetic and health conscious customers The Marketing Mix
* Haldiram's offered a wide range of products to its customers. The product range includednamkeens, sweets, sharbats, bakery items, dairy products, papad and ice-creams (See ExhibitI for details of product range). However, namkeens remained the main focus area for thegroup contributing close to 60% of its total revenues... Pricing

* Haldiram's offered its products at competitive prices in order to penetrate the hugeunorganized market of namkeens and sweets. The company's pricing strategy took intoconsideration the price conscious nature of consumers in India... Place

* Haldiram's developed a strong distribution network to ensure the widest possible reach for its products in India as well as overseas. From the manufacturing unit, the company's...
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