Radhuni Recipe

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We have chosen the brand Radhuni which is a brand of SQUARE Consumer Products Ltd. This brand has a wide variety of products. These are Radhuni powdered spice, Radhuni Kheer Mix, Radhuni Halim Mix, Radhuni Meat Curry Mix, Radhuni Kabab Masala, Radhuni Fish Curry Masala, and Radhuni Chatpati Masala and so on. All these products have already become very popular in the market. At present Radhuni has 55%of total market share. As Radhuni is leader in the market, it has a high growth rate and its relative market share is also high.

About the buying habit of consumers those who buy ‘powdered spice’ they usually tend to buy “Radhuni” with a few exceptions. Though people usually buy “Radhuni” the exception happens due to unavailability of the products in the shop. Few retailers, who keep other brands, try to influence its customers to buy that whatever they have in their shops.

We can see the approximate market share from the pie chart given below;

“Radhuni” is leading the market with a variety of products. “Radhuni” has almost every items of cooking starting from turmeric powder to spicy mixed powder for meat, fish, chotpoty, halim, kheer, and even pachforon.

Though the market has already got some competitors, “Radhuni” is doing quite fine in the market. This has been possible through its strong reputation for quality and trust. But the situation has challenged the new entrants while the existing firms are having hardship to increase or grab market share. Many companies are not getting the market share because of their poor distribution coverage, sales promotion and so on. Competitors pricing are relatively low compare to “Radhuni”.

Radhuni has a strong team for Research and Development. The members consistently seek opportunities to find the new demands and meet them by launching new products. Radhuni has achieved a strong brand image. Radhuni” has a wide variety of products which others do not have. Radhuni has achieved a good competitive advantage through its distribution coverage system.

Though they have good distribution coverage system, products are always available in posh urban areas but in some urban places they fail to provide the product in time, as a result they are losing a potential market share. The culture of eating foods encourages the opportunity of expanding the market. People of our country still think that this type of ready mix spice will not give them that taste what they could have from the powdered spice which they make manually.

Literature Review
Marketing channel is sets of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption .

A marketing channel is more than just a conduit for product; it is also a means of adding value to the product marketed through it. Channel flows are the activities and processes that marketing channel members engage in that both are costly and at the same time add value to the channel Channel systems exist and remain viable through time by performing duties that reduce end-users' - Search

Waiting time
Storage and
Other costs

There are four generic service outputs:
Spatial convenience
Waiting or delivery time
Product variety

Bulk breaking
Manufacturers make products in large batch lot sizes but consumers may want to consume just one unit. Retailer may offer consumer to buy in small quantities. Some warehouses offer low price and large lot sizes. Target consumers do not have high transportation costs and storage and they have an adequate disposable income to be able to choose a 10 pound bag of vegetables at a lower unit price.

Spatial convenience
The different types of products imply different willingness from a consumer to search. Search-shopping behavior varies between segments and products as well as demographic and lifestyle changes across segments. Time-saving is becoming more and more important. Location decision for...
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