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Topics: Energy Star, Green computing, Computer Pages: 6 (2781 words) Published: May 3, 2014
Green Computing: An approach towards e-waste reduction & energy management Sugandha Arora1 ,Mr. Kaushik R.Roy *
1College of Engineering , Roorkee, India
* College of Engineering , Roorkee, India

Abstract—Green computing is an innovative and emerging technology that aims at reducing carbon footprint. Just as walking on sand leaves a footprint, almost all our actions-from switching on the lights when you wake up in the morning to turning them off at night-leave an impact on planet’s environment. Carbon footprint basically refers to higher levels of carbon dioxide. Green computing merges ecology and technology together. The word ‘Green’ signify ecofriendly environment and ‘computing’ is related to computer and electronic devices. Computer and most of the electronic devices generate a lot of heat that leads to emission of carbon dioxide and even their disposal releases heavy metals into in the environment. Green computing deals with the efficient usage of computing resources inorder to reduce power consumption. Thus need of the hour is to adopt an eco-friendly l.ifestyle and incorporate practices of green technology at maximum.

Keywords— carbon footprint, environment, computing, e-waste minimization. I. Introduction
Green computing is a better way to compute in order to have a guaranteed and sustainable future. Green Computing encompasses a wide variety including the study of innovative technology. Green technology also focuses at achieving economic practicality and improved system performance of computer and its related parts. Green computing is an effective approach to manage computing resources to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, which is released into the environment through electronic devices which harms our environment or rather we can say that it leaves a negative impact on our earth. Thus green technology comprises the issues of maximizing energy and to minimise cost for disposal of e-equipments. Green computing is a low risk way for our business to not only help our environment but also lessen cost and electricity.’’Greening ” your electronic equipment is one of the largest growing trends in business today. Making a appropriate decision to start thinking green in the workplace such as your offices, not only earn the benefit economically but also saves the power consumption. Decrement in energy utilization not only reduces carbon footprint but also lessen your energy bill, that is the most effective thing you can do. The average pc wastes almost

half of the energy input to it. You should encourage the individuals to shut their PC down or to switch them to sleep mode. Utilization of computers and e-equipments produce e-waste which leads to environmental pollution. About 60-70% energy is consumed by computers which are not in use but still switched ON. Thus we should work on adaptive management schemes that adjust energy practicality with respect to energy loads.

The term Green Computing came into existence with the launch of Energy star program conducted by U.S environmental protection agency in 1992.The importance of green technology was made obvious when green computing attained critical mass in early 1990s. The early 1990s and late2000s witnessed may dictatorial milestones and recent years experienced many companies incorporating green technology. Energy Star label signify maximizing efficiency of innovative technologies and reducing energy utilization.

Energy star is a voluntarily labeling program that segregates computer, monitors and other equipments based on energy competence. In 1997 kyoto protocol was a landmark event in the history of green technology .Kyoto protocol mandates to lessen carbon dioxide emissions. Sleep mode function was the first step towards...
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