Analyze How the Appropriate Integration of ‘Green It’ Can Allow a Company to Achieve Competitive Advantage and Implement a Sustainable Environmental Policy?

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Analyze how the appropriate integration of ‘Green IT’ can allow a company to achieve competitive advantage and implement a sustainable environmental policy?

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Date of submission: Aug 23th , 2012
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1. Introduction2
2. Literature Review2
2.1 Definition of Green IT2
2.2 Green IT can improve company’s competitiveness2
2.2.1 Cutting cost2
2.2.2 Increase profit2
2.3 Green IT can create a more sustainable environment2
3. Discussion2
3.1. Green in the office2
3.2 Green in the data center2
3.3 Green in software virtualization2
4. Conclusion2
5. References2

1. Introduction
With the widespread use of computer in every aspect of people’s life, the problem which brought by computer cannot be ignored any more. IT has a negative environmental impact in every stage of a computer’s life: production; use; disposal, causes environmental problems. Every year a ton of carbon dioxide is produced by every single computer. (Murugesan S., 2008). According to the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, e-waste has been the fastest-growing part of the waste stream. During electronics production, many toxic materials are used such as lead, mercury and cadmium which have been linked to cancer and other disease (Maleshefski and Tiffany, 2007). "Green IT" is often used in industrial and IT areas, whereas it lacks a precise definition. A Green IT expert , Murugesan (2008) gives the definition of Green IT:’the study and practice of designing, manufacturing, using and disposing of computers, servers, and associated subsystems—such as monitors, printers, storage devices, and networking and communications systems — efficiently and effectively with minimal or no impact on the environment.’This essay will attempt to evaluate and analyze the effect of appropriate Green IT integration in terms of improving company’s competitiveness and implementing sustainable environmental policy. It will argue that green achievements in office space, data centre and software virtualization will lead to a more efficient and effective company both in economic and environmental aspects.

In the following three sections, I would like to display the specific definition of Green IT, as well as the economic and environmental benefits of Green IT respectively in literature review section. The next section contributes to a discussion which evaluates and analyses four beneficial integration steps of Green IT. Finally, there will be a conclusion to sum up the content stated previously and answer the main question of the topic. It will also comment on the limitations of the research project and recommendations will be made to the appropriate use of Green IT to organizations.

2. Literature Review
In this section, Specific definition of Green IT will be displayed. At the same time, it will attempt to discuss and show that Green IT is a trend and must for company to achieve competitiveness advantage and sustainable environmental policy. 2.1 Definition of Green IT

Green IT is an unfamiliar word to many people. However, it has been accepted by companies as a cost-effective and environmental sustaining strategy. AS a specific definition pointed out by Mingay(2007): Within the context of an enterprise, Green IT is a ‘optimal use of information and communication technology (ICT) for managing the environmental sustainability of enterprise operations and the supply chain, as well as that of its products, services and resources, throughout their life cycles’. Therefore, Green IT is an integrated strategy of optimizing the whole product and supply chain through an environmentally sustainable way. In the definition, the emphasis of implementing Green IT is to make the energy and material more efficient both in the business activities and IT organizations of companies (ibid). At the same time, IT-related...

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