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Re-Organization and Layoff: Solutions Paper
Ashley Cook, Brittany Denton, Jason Connor, Michelle H. Crouch PHL/320
December 22, 2014
Walter Sienkiewicz
Re-Organization and Layoff: Solutions Paper
Companies have a variety of options in improving profits from changing marketing schemes, to asking advice of consultants, improving building efficiency, or a last resort of reducing the workforce. A company must evaluate the pros and cons of each option available and then develop ways of applying those solutions. With the particular situation GE Technology experienced the team agreed that going green and taking advantage of consultation would be the best way to improve sales and profit without laying off employees. SWOT analysis was useful in determining the best solutions and in the few barriers the team experienced while determining the solutions. SWOT analysis stands for strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. These four points are vital in determining the best solutions to a problem. Focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of each possible solution helped the team narrow the options down to consultation and going green. Thinking logically and focusing on the pros and cons helped maintain focus, systematical conversation of the solutions, and eventually the choice of the best solutions. Going green has its strengths for many companies, the buildings will be more electrically efficient due to better insulation and more efficient machinery and, employees will be happier because they are working in better conditions. A weakness would be if the upgrades are made in the wrong locations; if employees do not experience the benefits of the upgrades it will have little effect on morale. Once opportunities for expansion become available again, procuring buildings that have green technology in place will be additionally advantageous. A major threat to going green is expending too much cash at one time during the upgrade process; this process has...
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