Apple Sustainability

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Apple Inc. Pages: 4 (992 words) Published: December 17, 2012
For more than 20 years, Apple has been working on ways to minimize the impact to environment. As Apple reports, the products are manufactured, used, and recycled represents the largest percentage of Apple`s total greenhouse gas emissions. That is the reason why Apple has been designed and measured the performance in Product Environmental performance. Apple has developed its first environmental policy back in 1990, and put its mainly focus on energy efficient, reducing total use of row materials, eliminating toxic substances, and embracing renewable energy in its facilities. TOTAL CARBON FOOTPRINT

In order to measure the company`s environmental footprint, Apple need to find out what kind of impact its products have to the plant. For 2011, Apple has collected the date that it’s responsible for 23.1 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions by suing life cycle analysis. That means by calculating total of the emissions from the manufacturing, transportation, use and recycling, plus the emissions from its facilities, Apple got the final result that its carbon footprint is directly related to its products, and the remaining 2 percent is related to its facilities.

Manufacturing is included extraction of raw materials and product assemble, which has contribute for 61 percent of Apples total greenhouse gas emissions (14,096,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions) Material use

Apple has been working for the past decade to develop smaller, thinner and lighter products, in order to product less material product that would generate fewer carbon emissions. Toxic Substance Removal

Apple has put the focus on designing greener products which means its consider the product material impact on environment, which from glass, plastic, and metal in the products to the paper and ink in the products’ packaging. One of the environmental challenges the industry facing and Apple continue working on is the presence of toxic substances...
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