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Topics: Energy conservation, Efficient energy use, World energy resources and consumption Pages: 11 (3773 words) Published: March 10, 2014
Technical Writing Project Coversheet

Capstone Proposal Project Name: Environment Friendly Green University campus focus on ICT Student Name: Chanda Smith Degree Program: Bachelor of Science, IT - Security Emphasis Mentor Name: Tracy Tadrick Signature Block:

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Environment Friendly Green University campus focus on ICT

Summary Now a day’s Information Technology (IT) is playing an increasingly important role all over the world – in both business and individuals’ private lives. All the University in the world are focusing on environmental protection and improvement [1]. We are living in an era of industrialization. We are consuming a lot more products in our lives as compared to our ancestors; this is to improve the quality of life by saving time, facilitating ourselves and much more. Most of the world industries are grown with certain pace and they have achieved maturity with the time. Then there are many environmental control authorities and regulatory authorities which enforce certain environmental protection laws upon them. But unfortunately as far as Environmental protection is concerned Information and Communication industry is growing at such a faster pace that such kind of controls are not fully implemented or observed by ICT industry[2]. This is a huge danger for the world environment. The main focus has mostly been upon competing with the competitors and introducing latest technology as fast in the market as possible. It is also consuming ever greater amounts of energy and is therefore the source of significant CO² emissions. According to calculation IT now causes the release of as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as nearly 320 million cars, worldwide IT now generates CO² emissions of about 600 million metric tons a year. Green IT can help curb this alarming trend. Simply by consistently implementing known energy-conserving approaches, the CO² emitted by IT systems can be nearly halved [3]. “Green IT” is what analysts, manufacturers and providers call all IT solutions that save energy at business organizations. These include hardware, software and services. Where hardware is

concerned, energy-efficient desktop PCs, thin-client architectures and data-center hardware offer answers, and so do energy supply and cooling systems[2]. In the software and service area, there is significant potential in virtualization, in solutions for dynamic capacity management and data-center planning, and in storage-system off shoring. You cannot purchase or order Green IT directly, but intelligent solutions are available that contribute to sustainability. And with the increasing convergence of IT and telecommunications, it possible to take the Green concept a step further[3]. The positive approaches of Green IT need to be combined with solutions from the field of telecommunications, such as videoconferencing: Green IT is turning into Green ICT. Green ICT extends to other, less commonly considered aspects of the entire life cycle. This includes ecofriendly procurement, employee behavior, running data centers on sustainably generated energy, environmentally sound disposal of used electrical equipment, and as much recycling as possible. ICT is not intrinsically “green”, because it itself consumes energy and raw materials. But ICT can be leveraged to make business processes more energy-efficient[1]. The main focus has mostly been upon competing with the competitors and introducing latest technology as fast in the market as possible. So the preliminary part of the project share some challenges which ICT Environmental control is facing on creating a Green ICT environment in the University. The goals of this project is to introducing and promoting Green Information and Communication Technology in the university[2]. This step of the project would then easily be implemented in the industry and all over the world. Due to rapid increase in Communication and computing technology we tend to...
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