Greece and Rome comparison

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Greece and Rome

Greece and Rome had various similarities and differences in the classical time period of 800 B.C.E. Some of the similarities and differences between the two were social, political, religious, intellectual, technological, and economic issues. Both Greece and Rome were Latin. Politically, they both had written laws and had emphasis on aerostocrocy. Both groups were polytheistic but they had different forms of each god. Intellectually speaking, Greece was touched by Alexander the Great, while Rome was inspired by Julius Ceaser. Greek invented many inventions amoung them were the gear, screw, and the torsion catepult. Romans also made great use of aqueducts, dams, bridges, and amphitheaters.

The social aspects of Greece and Rome differ in various ways. One way Greece varies from Rome is that Greece were idealists, while Romans was realists. Greeks also made statues of perfect people, on the other hand, Romans made statues of realife people. Another social difference between the two is that Greeks built roads of low quality and they did not have any piticular order. Romans built roads all over the empire, each road lead to Rome. Greeks had their own city-state limits and Rome was just the heart of the empire. Women also did not have rights in most of Ancient Greece, in earlier times, similar rights were for those in Ancient Rome. Some similarities of Greece and Rome are that they both liked to watch chariot races. In both Greece and Rome, the women were responsible for the home. Both Greece and Rome had slaves and freedman at the bottom two class rankings. With these similarities and differences, Greece and Rome were their own independent culture.

Politically speaking, Julius Ceaser was incharged of Ancient Greece. As a republic, the highest ranking in Ancient Rome was the conculs. Two people were elected each year to become the consuls, they who had supreme power over both civil and military. The prime minister of Greece was the head of...
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