Rome vs. China

Topics: Ancient Rome, China, Ancient Egypt Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: January 8, 2014
China and Rome are very similar, but different at the same time. They both have elements relating to technology, warfare, and government.

In the ancient times, many civilizations rose and fell, never being successful for the extent of time needed to be called the most successful. Rome, however, is a civilization that has come very close, to this goal. Likewise, Greece has also been a very thriving group of people. Obviously, Rome and Greece have been rivals forever.As they are examined all the time, their distinct tendencies reveal their true nature. Having similarities that have allowed them to survive in a harsh world, they each have their individual diversities, that have made them unique over time as well. Many key aspects have helped these two groups have been implemented by leaders today! One of these aspects was there great understanding of technology. Both Greece and Rome had brilliant ideas, and knew what to do with them, but some were more successful than others. One example of an invention that Rome introduced would be the aqueduct. This was an invention that was helpful to citizens in Rome. However, Greece had inventions such as a water pump, which suited a similar purpose. In this manner, both Greece and Rome advanced in technology, creating what they needed to become the prosperous people they were. Another attribute that caused these two civilizations to advance so far in history, was there taste for war. In Greece, war was used to settle disputes and conquer others. In this manner Greece became a fairly large country, and had a great military. War in Greece, however, had a down as well. It disrupted the little unity the Greeks had, and caused them to take sides. In Rome, war had just the opposite effect. It was used to fight invaders, and conquer others. For Rome, war was always successful. When under the threat of Invaders, it conquered its enemies before their enemies attacked. Soon it became a vast empire, and one of the largest...
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