Grade 10 Exam

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General Proficiency


2 Hours


Answer ALL questions

1. Computers are made up of different components and the names of the components are often written as acronyms.

Write the meaning of EACH of the following computer acronyms and state ONE task that is performed by EACH of the components.

a) CUb)ALUc)RAMd)ROM(8 marks)

Total 8 marks

2. State the type of optical disk that is suitable in EACH of the following situations:

a) Best for storing videos
b) Can be reused as necessary
c) Commonly used for distributing software(3 marks)

Total 3 marks

3. Figures A to C represents three different data capture methods.

In your answer book, copy and complete Table 1 using the list of type of data capture method below.

OMR, OCR, MICR, Voice Recognition

Total 3 marks
4. a)You wish to purchase one of the devices shown in Figure 1 to 4.

Table 2 lists three requirements an organization may need. In your answer booklet, copy and complete Table 2 to show which device would BEST meet EACH of the requirements in the table.


(3 marks)

b) Write the general name given to the devices in part (a).(1 mark) Total 4 marks
(4 marks)
5. Answer the following questions that relate to user interfaces:

a) Write TWO ways in which a user can input a command using a graphical user interface. (2 marks)

b) Name TWO types of menu interface.(2 marks)

c) Explain why a graphical user interface is considered to be very user-friendly.(2 marks)

d) Explain how a user can input a command using the DOS operating system.(2 marks)

Total 8 marks


Answer ALL questions

6. THREE friends have purchased computers to help them in the music industry.

a) State TWO uses of computers in the music industry.(2 marks) b) Name TWO devices that can connect to the computer and state what they are used for.(4 marks)

Total 6 marks

7. a)State the differences between ‘.edu’, ‘.org’ and ‘.gov’ as seen in website addresses. (3 marks) b)Write the name of a well-known search engine.(1 mark) c)You wish to access http:\\

i.State where you would type http:\\ to access this web site.
(1 mark)
ii.State what http and www represent in (c) above.(2 marks)

Total 7 marks

8. For EACH of the following, state whether I is (A) a private area network, (B) a public network or (C) a private network with selected access from public network users.

a. Intranetb)Extranetc)Internet(3 marks)
Total 3 marks

9. a)Describe TWO ways in which a computer can be used illegally.(4 marks)

b)Outline ONE example of how an organization can misuse its customer’s personal data.
(2 marks)

Total 6 marks

10. (a)Write the letters A – G in your answer booklet and state against EACH letter, the correct technical term which is required to complete the sentences in the paragraph below.
[7 marks]
David’s father wishes to advertise his used car business on the Internet. David advises him that he can create a website that consists of several interconnected A . The website must be placed on a __B__ computer. Persons wishing to use access the information on the Internet must use an Internet __C__ on their computers to navigate to the particular website. They must either know the address of the website called a ___D___ _____E___ locator or must use a search __F__ to find the website. When they find a car that they are interested in purchasing, they can then __G__ the relevant information to their computer. (b).Preventing unauthorized access to computer files can be achieved by locking doors to the computer rooms. State THREE...
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