Exam 2

Topics: Somalia, African Union, Mogadishu Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Report on U.S. Strategy towards Somalia
Exam Question #3:
What are the ends and associated ways and means of the Report on U.S. Strategy towards Somalia? Ends:
The International community such as the International Contact Group, the African Union and the United Nations to assist with U.S. foreign policies in achieving a peaceful, stable and comprehensive Somalia by eliminating terrorist threats, promote political stability and by supporting the organization of a central government and provide humanitarian assistance to the Somali people.

Somalia must develop a Political Dialogue between the Transitional Federal Government (TFG’s) which are known as the Transitional Federal Institutions (TFI’s) for reconciliation to establish a deployment of an African stabilization force. They must rebuild their infrastructure, i.e., law enforcement, judicial, health, educations and other services to improve the foundation for an economically productive society. The U.S. Diplomatic Efforts must continue to actively interact with TFG representatives to make sure U.S. policy goals are met. The U.S. Strategy on Transnational Security Threats must take on an approach that will address the challenges posed by the Somali people for more than 15 years. The Economic and Political response of the causes of the conflict in Somalia the United States to implement assistance programs. The U.S. Counterterrorism tactics are to exonerate Somali from foreign terrorists and individuals who assist them with a safe haven inside the country. The United States must continue to respond to the Humanitarian needs of the Somali people by supporting the international and non-governmental organizations such as the UN World food Program (WFP) and CARE International whom provides food assistance. The U.S. Public Affairs strategies for Somalia focal points are to communicate and educate international audiences about the integrated policy approach in Somalia. In order to ensure the United...
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