Exam 2

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Exam 2
Women and the Economy Econ 3090 Spring 2015
Exam 2
Select the one correct best answer and record the answer on your computer seantron form.
Each question is worth 2.5 points, for a total of 100 points on this exam. Feel free to scribble notes beside the questions. And remember, have fun!
1. The nonmarital birth ratio in the United States (the percentage of all births that arc nonmarital) currently is approximately
a. 10%.
b. 40%.
c. 90%.
d. 25.
e. none of the above.
2. Over the course of the past several decades, the nonmarital birth ratio (the percentage of all births that arc nonmarital) has been rising. This could be attributed to
a. A reduction in fertility for married women.
b. An increase in fertility for unmarried women.
c. A reduction in the percentage of women who are married.
d. All of the above.
3. Two important and related trends from chapter 6 are that, from about 1960 till the present a. teen fertility fell while nonmarital fertility rose.
b. both teen fertility and nonmarital fertility fell.
c. both teen fertility and nonmarital fertility rose.
d. teen sexual activity increased while nonmarital fertility fell.
e. teen sexual activity increased and teen fertility increased too.
4. The premarital sex model of Akerlof, Katz and Yellen is premised upon changes in the incidence of shotgun marriages. What is a shotgun marriage?
a. A marriage in which the future groom holds a shotgun during the ceremony.
b. A wedding that occurs after the future bride gets pregnant but prior to the birth of her child.
c. A fancy marriage in which all the beer and flowers are purchased in a robbery in which a shotgun is used.
d. none of the above.
5. The premarital sex model of Akerlof, Katz and Yellen argued that
a. when premarital sex is more tolerated, more women will become teen mothers.
b. the introduction of contraception and legalization of abortion contributed to the increase in teen nonmarital births.

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