Gospel of Marc

Topics: New Testament, Gospel, Gospel of Mark Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: June 2, 2013
Christine Nangle Koehl
Reflection/Reaction Paper
May 27, 2013
Jeff Siker –Foundations of New Testament Theology

Raymond Brown’s chapter on the gospel according to Mark presents interesting concepts about Mark and his writing. Mark group’s his gospel by time, subject matter or form. Marcan style of writing is sometimes referred to as a “Marcan sandwich.” He initiates an action then, instead of completing that idea, the action is interrupted by a scene filling the time (the meat between the surrounding pieces of bread). Finally, he resumes the initial action and brings it to an end. This allowed me to start thinking about how intentionally each writing style contributes to different gospels. I wonder how these styles influence the context of each gospels message. One specific example is the Judas treachery and the anointing of Jesus. The anointing is sandwiched in between the plot of the authorities to arrest Jesus and Judas’ coming forward to give him over to them. What was Mark’s intention? Why did he not tell the story in chorological order? Did he craft the gospel to affect the story in some way? Had he planned to write this gospel in a specific way when he arranged the material, connected the stories, and chose details to report and highlight themes? Scholars suggest that most of the writings came from Mark himself. Mark’s explanation of the crucifixion references the Old Testament language of suffering. This reference made me think: ‘Who was Mark’s primary audience?’

Scholars don’t believe that Mark knew Q or based his writing on it since Matt and Luke have such similar material. Although there are many debatable ways to interpret Mark (the Messianic Secret, the Secret Gospel of Mark, Etc.), Brown suggests reading Mark on a surface level to better understand the scripture.

Mark acted as Peter’s translator and was greatly influenced by Peter’s ministry. Peter always and intelligently adapted his instructions and message depending on his...
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