The Similarities And Differences Between The Four Gospels

Topics: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity Pages: 3 (508 words) Published: June 16, 2015

How do literary interrelationships, differences among the Gospels in wording and order, and the use and revision of source materials affect belief in the divine origin and inspiration of the Bible?
The Gospel is only one, but four Gospels from four aspects to inspire the Lord Jesus. The Gospels are not the Biography of Jesus, but the disciples of the Lord's testimony; nor chronicle the deeds of the Lord Jesus all the time, according to a note of in the order completely, but each book's author, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, according to their own style of writing, written for the data group. Each Gospel has its distinct characteristics, notation, and the revelation of the Lord's many aspects, allow many people may recognize Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The main content of the Gospel has: Master of the pioneer work of John the Baptist; work and teachings of Jesus; the cross and resurrection of the Lord. These three called "The Gospel of style." The purpose of writing these letters is to let people know Jesus Christ, fully convinced, and follow Him....

Their contents and plot is roughly the same, so called "the Synoptic Gospels". The content of the Gospel of John according to three different books, there are a lot of supplements, it is also known as "supplementary Gospel." Matthew purpose to prove that Jesus was the Messiah king. Mark pointed out that Jesus was a servant of God. Luke describes Jesus is God's perfect man. John quoted Jesus is the Son of God. Matthew, Mark, Luke records Jesus principal place of work in Galilee, while John records Jesus work mainly in Judea and...
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