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1. Europeans were driven to explore the world for GOD, GOLD and GLORY. Review the Age of Exploration and examine individual occurrences that drove the countries of Western Europe to explore the unknown in the name of GOD, GOLD and GLORY! (CHAPTER 19 sec 1 and 20) WESTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES

ENGLAND(3) - chapter 20 section 2
SPAIN (5) - Chapter 20 Section 1
FRANCE(1) - Chapter 20 Section 2

2. Examine other Eras and determine the driving force behind man. a. Abraham and the Hebrew people moved from Mesopotamia to cannan (RELIGION) b. BUDDHISM SPREADS VIA TRADE AND MISSIONARIES (72)

c. Page 469: China Explores the world: The Voyages of Zheng He d. Crusades
e. Renaissance
f. Reformation
g. Latfundia (Chapter 6 - page 146: expansion causes problems) h. Massacre of Verdun
Portugese: 464
1. Prince Henry started overseas exploration because of the wealth he saw in North African Muslim cities. In 1415 he conquered Ceuta and saw the gold and commerce that lay outside of Europe. This shows that Prince Henry was driven by Gold because he wanted what the riches of North Africa. 2. Alfonso De Albuquerque took over the spice trade in Malacca from the Italians and the Muslims. He stated, “if we control the spice trade and take Malacca from the Italians and the Muslims then Mecca will be ruined and Venice will be cut off, unless they trade with Portugal!” This shows that Alfonso was driven by Glory because he wanted Portugal to become the predominant trade power for Western Europe 3. The Portuguese set up trading posts along the coast of Africa. The Portuguese traded for gold and ivory and pushed further along the coastline to reach India. This shows that Portugal’s driving factor for exploration was gold. Instead of setting up Churches and going inland with the message of Christianity the Portuguese continued their efforts to expand trade. DUTCH

1. The Dutch East India Trading Company took over trade in India and drove out the English and Portuguese. The Dutch dominated commerce in the region. This shows that the Dutch were driven by their desire to accumulate wealth. IF their desires were to spread Christianity then there would be no need to kick the other nations out of India. SPAIN


3. God, Gold, and (or), Glory!
4. Create a hypothesis or theory that explains the motivation for man. 5. Validate or prove this theory using factual evidence found throughout history. You must use 5 separate facts that explain your theory. 3 must come from the Age of Exploration and 2 must come from other Eras. 6. The essay must include an introduction paragraph, 2 body paragraphs (One for the Age of Exploration and one for other eras), and a concluding paragraph in which your theory/hypothesis is proved correct.

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