Age of Exploration

Topics: Europe, Age of Discovery, Middle Ages Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: August 18, 2013
Age of Exploration: Innovations that changed Europe.
During 1400-1700, Europe’s age of exploration would change them forever. Europe had many innovations that aided exploration. They came up with stern post rudder, the compass, the trade winds, and Lateen and square sails in combination. All these new findings enabled them to search new land and they discovered goods they had never seen before. Items like coffee, tea, potatoes, chocolate, squash, maize, all gave Europe’s economy new life. With the innovations they also learned more about their ships, and after contacting the muslims to top rate there sailing technique, they steadily became stronger during this time. Europe’s economy gained new life during this time period During this time period Europe also gained global power. By this time they already had colonies in America, along the coast of Africa, India, and in parts of south east Asia. But with the new technological advances Europe was becoming a global force. With the advances and new findings it brought a stable European economy, and this helped explorers like Columbus. The European government was able to fund explorers to search new land, just as Spain funded Columbus. Europeans were beginning to dominate the world. Europe not only gained power and new life during the age of exploration, they also gained religious power. With all the new land brought new people. The Europeans were able to transfer chrsitianity to the world. When they found a new land, they befriended the locals and then spread their religion. This was the reasoning behind the age. They used this technique to take over land, much like in the Crusades. The Europeans had economic stability, Global power, and Religious power all due to new innovations that aided exploration. This was a time in Europe where they had power, and new life.
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